Our holistic approach includes the exploration of your inner world through hypnotherapy. In a hypnotherapy session, you are in control the whole time and you will be able to remember everything after your session. A trained facilitator guides you through a process to relax the thinking part of your mind with the judgements and the to-do lists. This allows your body to enjoy a deep meditative state where you can see images and gain information similar to observing your dreams. By relaxing your conscious mind, you can access your subconscious mind and explore the inner part of you called the soul. There is always a purpose for the images that come up during your session and it always seems to help you find your pathway through life. If you have burning questions about your life's meaning and purpose, hypnotherapy is a great tool that allows you to discover your own answers from your higher-self wisdom within.

Your session begins by filling out an intake form before you arrive. All information is confidential and only shared with your facilitator to tailor your session to your specific needs. Your session will be conducted in a private room where only you and your facilitator will be. No one else is allowed in the room because the presence of another person will influence your experience. You will lay down on the massage table, covered with a blanket and have the option of an eye covering if you choose. We recommend loose fitting clothing similar to going to yoga class. Your facilitator will guide you through a meditation process to allow your body to relax and your subconscious to be accessed. You describe the images you see and the insights you discover. Your facilitator is simply there as a skilled guide to help you on your soul exploration. The session will be recorded, and you will receive an MP3 that will be emailed to you privately.

Soul Journey


  • 180 mins

  • intake form required prior to session

  • wear loose fitted clothing

  • session conducted in private room

  • all information confidential

  • MP3 recording of session provided

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  • 60 mins

  • Guided Group Hypnotherapy

  • Access images from your subconscious mind

  • Share your experience if you wish