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The benefits of a massage therapist

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Massage therapy can help with a number of conditions, improving both your physical and mental health. Massage therapy has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and is a traditional healing therapy that can be used to treat stress, anxiety, back pain, soft tissue damage, and muscle soreness. Seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis can vastly improve your health, and there are many benefits to a regular massage. Feelings of calm When you receive a massage, the brain releases endorphins which immediately make you feel calm and relaxed. Stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol are also reduced, and these stress hormones have been shown to have a negative effect on your immune system. In other words, a massage will relieve feelings of stress and anxiety while boosting your body’s ability to fight infections and disease. Reduced muscle tension Whether you’ve strained a muscle at the gym or are simply tensed up, a good massage therapist will be able to relieve muscle tension and work out the ‘knots’ in your muscular system. By applying pressure at the worst affected places, your massage therapist will help tense muscles relax and improve any pain you may be feeling as a result. Improved blood flow A massage can also help improve circulation, which is vital for the oxygen flow in your body. A massage stimulates the circulatory system pumping blood around the body. When you have poor circulation, feelings of pain can be heightened and there may be swelling or tightness in certain areas of the body. Massage therapy can reduce pain and keep your circulatory system in good working order. Increased joint mobility Massage therapy can improve joint mobility and flexibility, which is why it’s ideal for those recovering from an injury or from an operation. If you’ve been injured, you can often find that a regular visit to a massage therapist, coupled with physiotherapy, can aid in recovery. Massages can boost mobility and help you bounce back when the body has experienced some form of physical trauma. Faster healing of soft tissue injuries As well as aiding those recovering from an injury or surgery, massage therapy can help with more minor soft tissue injuries. We all pick up such injuries from time to time, and a massage can help ease the pain and speed up your recovery. Depression and anxiety We’re back to the release of happy hormones, but massage therapy really can help with even the most severe cases of depression and anxiety. As well as stimulating the release of endorphins, the simple act of human contact and touch between you and your massage therapist can be a great healer. We provide a range of massage therapies, specially designed to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. We can match you with a massage therapist who will be able to work with you to address any health conditions you may have. Simply get in touch today to book your session.

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