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Rob's Cancer Healing Journey!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Our Nutrition Counselor loves to share her husband's cancer story, a story that she believes no longer belongs to him, it's to help others who may need or want a different path for their cancer diagnosis...

In February 2018, we started Rob’s cancer journey in a way that most people don’t… well that’s what we thought originally, but God has been right in the middle of it, guiding each and every step! We (after a lot of prayer and Rob convincing me) decided instead of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, we’d spend some time getting Rob as healthy as possible through a lot of reading & research, diet changes, juicing, natural supplements & IV’s, water fasts and several therapies that we hadn’t even heard of!

After a diagnosis of aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer, we also decided to go to Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico for a lot of the same treatment, but also a vaccine that was developed at Baylor University. This vaccine, using the blood of the patient, boosts T-cells and natural killer cells to boost the immune system to fight the cancer instead of the opposite effect of most cancer treatments. Because it’s using the patient’s own blood and cannot be patented, the vaccine is unavailable in the US, but is available in about 30 different countries, Tijuana was the closest for us!

After our first stay of 20 days, we left feeling so much peace & hope and was excited to go back six months later for another 10 day stay. It was during that stay that we learned that Rob had “no evidence of disease”, wowza! We recently got back from another 10 day stay and had more good news, a clear pet scan!

We’re in a somewhat weird place now as we are feeling grateful for what this cancer has done for us and for our future. Rob feels healthier and younger than he has in years, our faith is stronger, we look for the best in every situation and we praise God for his leading with this story that no longer belongs to Robert!

We're excited to offer a free support group called HealingStrong in Fountain Hills in November here at Aline Health that guides people on how to heal from any disease, but mostly cancer. Rachel, our HealingStrong group leader, will be sharing 12 lessons on health and wellness. Please click on this link for more info and to sign up for the meetings.


If you'd like to learn more about Rob's three visits to Oasis of Hope, please use the link below.

Rob's Oasis of Hope Journal - Three Visits! (1)
Download PDF • 31.01MB

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