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Full Review of Our Services

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

There is something new and life-changing in town! Aline Health opened its doors on the Avenue of the Fountains, with a menu of treatments that offer healthy alternatives, massages, halotherapy, biofeedback and an exciting array of what the owners like to call electroceuticals for fat reduction and muscle sculpting. Aline Health’s owners, Clair Morley and Peter Hoffend focus on the whole body, inside and out. They are bringing the latest innovative tools for enhancing your body and lifestyle.

Please note that Aline Health are constantly updating their services and this information may be out of date. Please refer to their service pages on the website for the most up to date information.

Having had some health challenges throughout most of her adult life, Clair made it her life’s passion to discover ways to improve the mind and body in a holistic way. She became well versed and skilled in massage, reiki, and has expanded her knowledge to biofeedback, muscle sculpting, fat reduction, and lymphatic drainage. She soon discovered how much these modalities turned her life around, and she is passionate about creating a community of health and wellness to help others feel good and live better lives.

From the moment you walk into Aline Health, you are greeted with the scent of aromatherapy and an undeniable sense of calm. It is as if you just walked into a Zen Lounge. The first experience I had at Aline was when I signed up for an hour-long massage. Walking into the Aline suite, you instantly enjoy the smell of essential oils and lavender. It begins the calming and tranquil experience from the moment you step in. My tired and very sore muscles were treated to a professional massage with a therapist that instinctively knew all the pressure points and delivered just the right amount of pressure. Being quite familiar with massages, I consider myself a connoisseur of sorts in the world of massage. There have been times when I leave a massage somewhat disappointed. But not at Aline. If anything—I wish I had booked the 90 minutes rather than 60! It was exquisite. Mlee Clark is one of the massage therapists who specializes in oncology massage bringing impressive relief to those suffering from cancer.

The electroceutical room is quite impressive. As Clair and Peter shared with me, these machines work through the neurological system to jump start our bodies in various ways. There are 4 specific pieces of equipment which target various areas and results.

1. If you are looking for some fat reduction, look no further than the Laser Lipo machine. It drains and flattens fat cells, thereby losing inches in different parts of your body. Great if you are wanting to slim the waist, love handles, etc.

Laser Lipo machine

2. Elite Muscle Sculpting combines some fat loss with some hard-core contractions to build up the abdomen or other areas. Now this was exciting to me! The machine sends vibrational signals to various parts of the body and triggers motor neurons to expand and contract. In a 30-minute session, it’s comparable to doing 20,000 sit-ups! Oh yeah! Who wouldn’t want a tight six-pack?

Elite Muscle Sculpting

3. Pelvic Floor Restoration works with the same principles as the Elite Muscle Sculpting. By strengthening the net of muscles that get stretched out by gravity, pregnancy, and labor, etc. Once strengthened, the pelvic floor improves issues like incontinence, libido, and even aids posture which directly affects low back ache.

Pelvic Floor Restoration

4. Ondamed German Biofeedback system. This has so many outstanding benefits. It reduces pain, improves circulation, induces relaxation, and can aid in weight optimization. In addition, biofeedback is extremely useful in bringing the body back to homeostasis and balance. It is highly effective with various addictions such as sugar addictions and alcohol addictions.

Ondamed German Biofeedback system

Of these treatments, I decided to try the Elite Muscle Sculpting for my abdominals. No doubt, I was worried that maybe this treatment would not deliver the result I was looking for. I have tried all sorts of treatments, creams, anti-aging serums, and beneficial oils, only to see results that fall short of my expectation. I buy into the hype, and more often than not--I don’t see the results I was hoping for.

But not here. After just one session with Clair on the Elite muscle sculpting machine, I saw some new definition on my abdominals. This was exciting! It’s crazy to see how dramatically the stomach tightens and contracts during the treatment. You feel it and it is one powerful crunch! All this happens while you are laying down, relaxed.

Clair does point out that if you just want the quick fix and you go back to eating carbs, pizza, sugar—the results don’t last. But it is her motto that each client partners with Aline on their journey to wellness. In that way the results happen and can be long term. She guided me to drink tons of water, up my cardio that day, and watch the results. Well—she was right! With just the two sessions, I was shocked at the quick result! I could hardly believe how lean my abs looked. I most definitely have better definition in the abdominals, something that I’ve never been able to achieve on my own. The result was noticeable—both a friend and my fiancée noticed and said something! I can only imagine what additional sessions would achieve.

Aline brings a refreshing approach to health and wellness. They offer products that support their services with many plant-based soaps, essential oils, CBD lotions, sanitizers, candles, and pain relief ointments. They have skin care lines and Lumispa (a facial massage tool that can even be incorporated into your massage). Their Halotherapy booth offers dry salt therapy which achieves respiratory detoxification at a cellular level. This is excellent for allergies and skin conditions.

Halo IR Treatment Room

Dedicated to creating a community of health, Aline offers yoga classes, nutrition counseling, and Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation. With so many options, you can work with Clair and her team to create an individualized plan for your wellness journey.

As for me, well I can say with certainly that I’ll be a repeat customer. You might just see me there doing some serious crunches. Wink, wink….

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